As UHRS jobs are done entirely on the client’s platform, the payment process is a little different than for work done on directly. Here’s how it works: 


1) At least 30 minutes after you submitted a job, it will appear in the Report section of UHRS. This section is important for tracking your earnings because UHRS jobs are not tracked in your work history. 


2) Money earned for each Sunday to Saturday period is added to your clickworker balance the following week, usually on Monday or Tuesday. It is listed in your account history as manual bonus payments, one for each individual HitApp you worked on during the last week. It then takes exactly 28 days to be added to the payable amount. 


3) During those 28 days UHRS has the chance to quality check your work and give us feedback if necessary. 


4) After 28 days, the amounts become payable and are paid on the following bill run between Wednesday and Friday. 


The general schedule is as follows: 

Work done on UHRS 4 weeks ago > paid this week 

Work done on UHRS 3 weeks ago > paid next week 

Work done on UHRS 2 weeks ago > paid in 2 weeks 

Work done on UHRS 1 week ago > paid in 3 weeks

Work done on UHRS this week > paid in 4 weeks and so on.